About The Raymond Homestead

This page is always such a conundrum to fill out. What do people want to know about the Raymond Homestead? Do they want to know about the going-ons, whether or not we’re solvent, or is it a curiosity of why we do what we do? It’s difficult to fill out this page and know what I should write here, much less the why.

Nevertheless, here goes…

The Raymond Homestead was “founded” in 2009 when we decided we wanted to begin making a conscious effort to ridding out diets for genetically modified organisms, meat from concentrated animals farms, and the reliance on outside sources for food. (By outside sources, I refer to the fact that most of Maine’s food supply comes from outside of the state and how one collapse of the transportation system into the state could cause absolute chaos for the people living here.) Over the past nine years our little haven has grown mostly in produce, chickens, and with the addition of our two little farm hands.

Being in town-limits with a piece of acreage (less than an acre, actually) that is half swamp has it’s limitations and challenges. For the time being, our homestead efforts are focused on our roughly 1200 square feet of garden space, assorted fruit patches, and rearing a flock of chickens for eggs and meat. Anything we can’t do for ourselves we try to buy local.

Family mottos: 
Use it up, make do, do without, or get it local.

Know better, do better.


  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    Cool idea. My husband and I are working to get our own farm or small ranch. Right now we have dogs, chickens, tractors, a garden, and a little land. Good luck with your modern homestead.

  2. Good luck to you as well! It’s amazing what you can do with a small piece of land and stick-to-it-iveness.

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