Beat that, CAFO.

I drove less than five miles this morning and paid Rob Rowbottom at Rowbottom Farm for our quarter of organic grass-fed, Angus beef.

I then gave him a lift to our mutual mechanic’s shop, less than five miles from either of our homes, where he needed to pick up his truck and I needed to drop off my car.

Vaughn and I walked home and I’m now working to getting things prepped for when I get a call from the butcher’s this week saying that our beef is ready for pick up. Blaisdell’s Slaughterhouse is less than five minutes from here, so I won’t need a cooler to pack it in.

What other lifestyle lets you meet the man that raised your beef and the butcher that delivers the final blow and packages it all within a stone’s throw of your home? I love it.

2 responses to “Beat that, CAFO.

  1. Of note, the reason she walked home instead of catching a ride from Rob is that we are only 1 mile from the mechanic and she was planning on walking home anyway.

    Great post, Love.

  2. Hah, not to mention I was too lazy to mess with getting the car seat from the Focus into a truck. Not worth the time. I would have been home by the time I got the thing in. *lol*

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