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January Thaw

As happens every winter, the past few months have been a ball full of crazy. Add in some scary politics, familial catastrophes, and the bone chilling cold of winter, and it’s easy to see how a blog can slip between the cracks. But, just like every January Thaw, it starts showing up right when you need it. 

Gardens 2016 is off to a rough start…

So, this is the latest that I’ve gotten my gardens going. Any they’re still not going, yet. It’s killing me. What’s worse is I’ve thrown out my middle back, which will slow me down tremendously. I would write more right now, but it’s hurting to type at the computer.

Carrot Update

After five days of Tylan50 doses at .25cc twice a day, Carrot’s infection and subsequent swelling is gone! I won’t be happy enough to declare him out of the woods until he’s thriving outside, but all seems well.  


Twisting Road

I went downstairs to clean the brooder box earlier. Carrot, who had been fine yesterday, was poofed up. Poofing is the number one sug of a chicken not feeling well. Carrot has a lot of…something filling his abdomen. I’m not sure what is going on. I separated Carrot and Sable out. (I don’t believe in isolating a sick being.) I mixed sugar in the water and there is more oatmeal than feed in their bowl. Whatever road the little one takes, I hope it’s quick and painless. 

Day 2 

Success!!! I figured out how to shut off the turning alarm on the Brinsea Mini Advance! No more warning tone to drive the bunny bonkers. It’s hidden in the calibration settings.