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Calculated Risk

We’re about to head into another freeze. There are fox prints around our yard. I normally don’t let the chickens out until midday, but temps will be dropping and then the wind will hit. The 22F that exists right now will be the warmest it gets for the day. I decided to let the flock out so they can stretch their legs. Here’s hoping I don’t regret that risk. 

Parting chickens

One of the many things that about 99.99% of my generation has no idea how to do is joint chicken. Granted, we’re also the same generation that has no idea that you can actually grow your own food…in your own yard…in dirt. So I suppose it should be no surprise that we don’t know how to joint chicken. 

I took a stab at it today. I owe a wonderful first time experience to Gordon Ramsey’s YouTube how-to. While I had a hard time party gout the breasts, eventually giving up and just deboning the meat, I was planning on making nuggets anyway. Here’s hoping next time goes even smoother. 


This is amazing. We’ve only had one small snow storm, lots of rain, and now minor flooding. The next few days will produce a cold snap that will freeze everything. Crazy weather man, crazy. 


Gardens Continued: Raised Bed

One of the most prolific forms of gardening is the raised bed method. The raised bed method sinus tad it sounds: you are literally raising your garden bed.

Raised bed gardens start with selecting an area to fencing, or boxing in, with wood timber, cement blocks, or anything else that may be fashioned to hold soil. 

The height of the bed can vary form only a few inches above ground soil to a height tall enough to accomadate the elderly and handicapped. The minimum height is based off from whatever crops you are growing in the raised bed. The minimum height for growing lettuce allows for a very shallow box. Carrots, on the other hand, creates the need for a minimum of 12″ of raised bed depth. 

The width of the bed can vary just as much as the depth, from one row up to the entirety of a garden. The basic rule of thumb is this: make sure your raised bed isn’t so wide that you can’t teach to the middle for easy weeding. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you leave enough space between the plants and the box framing to assure that the roots aren’t short on space. 

Some people plant their crops extensively in raised beds. While that is a possibility, depending on the size of your garden, it’s an expensive possibility. For our homestead, where we try to grow as much of our food as possible, raised beds serve a specific purpose. We save our raider bed ares for herbs, shallow root crops, such as lettuce and time intensive crops such as broccoli.  Not only does it make the certain crops more easy to notice in a large garden, but it also allows for easier access. The more thourough drainage of the raised bed is also a plus, prohibiting drowning and molding during wet seasons. 

No hesitation

At first I thought I would feel ashamed for having made Amp’s appointment with the butcher. I was glad that we had time to bide, as the next slaughter date isn’t until January. After this morning, I’m no longer as hesitant. In fact, I wish the date were sooner. 

When I pet the girls, he grumps. When I pick them up, he flaps. When I’m outside anywhere near him, he gives me the stink eye. He’s an eight pound ticking time bomb who, thankfully, has yet to grow spurs.