Fiddlehead Ravioli

Fiddlehead season in Maine has come, and pretty much gone. With our first collection this year we decided to try something different. With some home made pasta, ricotta cheese from Crooked Face Creamery, and fresh fiddleheads, we spent an afternoon making homemade fiddlehead ravioli.

For the pasta we used a really basic recipe found in one of our many cookbooks that we have tucked away. When I say basic, I mean four ingredients:

  • 2 1/3 cups flour
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 tsp. olive oil

This is a great started base that you can add any type of seasoning too, along with making it out of any flour. We used wheat flour and an Italian seasoning mix that I keep made up in the cabinet – it’s a lot quicker than pulling out all the individual spices. The longest part of it all was rolling out the pasta to cut up for the ravioli. We’ve definitely decided that we’re going to keep our eyes out for a cheap, used pasta machine. As great as homemade pasta is, we don’t really have the time (and I don’t have the upper body strength) to do all that rolling in one afternoon!

The grand thing about homemade pasta is that it only takes a few minutes to cook. After two hours of manual labor it was great to see the pot brimming with a good deal of pasta.

Unfortunately last year’s tomato harvest was a bust due to hornworms and blight. Instead of homemade sauce we’ve been making due with Newman’s Own, a great sauce selection from a wonderful company. With left over filling and sauce to top off the pasta, it looked like a culinary master piece.

It was delicious! Everything came out wonderful…but with one draw back. Apparently some people have issues dealing with digesting raw and undercooked fiddleheads. The patriarch of this household seems to be one of those. Given how horrible Joe felt after eating the ravioli with the uncooked fiddleheads in the filling, we decided the next night to chop it all up, mix it with the sauce, and cook it off as a pasta bake. The result? No illness and a delicious pasta bake that we would never had been able to afford in a restaurant. All in all, everything worked out great and we ended up with a total of six meals out of one afternoon of work.

(Originally published: May 9, 2012.)

5 responses to “Fiddlehead Ravioli

  1. Excellent!!! I was interested to hear how this came out!! We did a pasta toss the other night – a little chopped bacon, cook with onions and garlic, then throw in some blanched fiddleheads, cook all together, then put over pasta with a little grated cheese, wonderful. Love that pasta bake idea. And nothing better than homemade pasta, but even with the pasta roller, it takes time and best with two people! :)

    • I could definitely see it still taking time with a pasta roller, but given that we only have one rolling pin and we had to keep trading off the baby, I think we might give it a go if we can find one cheap enough.

      You’ll love what we did for dinner last night: left over spaghetti (without sauce), fiddleheads, and bacon tossed in a cheddar cheese sauce, like one that you would make for homemade mac and cheese. It was great! Probably not the healthiest, however. ;-) We’re having leftovers tonight for dinner.

  2. Looks fantastic – makes me want to go home and make pasta!

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. That looks so so yummy!

  4. Great article! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    Sonja Twombly of

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