For our next trick: A Hanging Chicken

Right around dusk, while the girls were being shooed in by the roo, we heard a racket and a couple of them came flying out of the coop. We figured there was an all out brawl going on (probably between the roo and Edith, who have been being a bit bullish towards one another).

I peek in the coop door with a stick in my hand in case a spur comes my way and what should my eye see? A chicken that looked to have impaled her neck on an old hook that used to hold the water container. She was just hanging there, eye closed, wings dropping.

“We got a dead one,” I called to Hubster as he went to go into the barn.


“Idiot impaled herself on the hook that’s in there.”

I kept Short Beak, the rooster, at bay with my stick while Hubster went to remove what we thought was a dead hen. She’s alive. She was just hanging there by her beak. The hook pierced right behind it.

Now it’s her turn in the kennel downstairs until she heals up.

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