Growing Like Weeds


Spring is always that amazing time of year where suddenly, when you turn your back for a minute, everything has changed. Things are growing at a tremendous pace throughout the state of Maine, and here is no different. The chicks are three weeks old, are down to 80F in the brooder, and are eating more than their fair share of the rent. While Jacks has been wonderful sharing his room with them, I know he’ll be glad to have the extra romping space back once they’re out of his room. (That poor, spoiled mini-rex.) All eight have lost their furr-ball fluff and have started getting in new patterns, making it almost impossible to tell them apart. As you can see in the photo, one definitely stands out as she has no orange on her whatsoever; the other seven are all orange and black. All of them are flighty little things and feeding them has become a modified game of whack-a-mole.

The seedlings are growing like mad. The tomatoes, celery, and bell peppers that I started all look like they’re itching to get in the ground, as do the broccoli, celery, and jalapeno plants that we got from Hoof ‘n’ Paw in New Sharon. It’s just a matter of waiting a couple more weeks and then figuring out row covers. With any luck, everything will transplant over wonderfully.











Speaking of “growing like weeds,” I felt it was time to give ya’ll an updated photo of Little Mister.


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