How time does fly!

My! Has it really been close to a month since my last post? I apologize in advance for the delay. A lot has been going on around this little homestead, keeping me away from the blogs. Since I haven’t posted since the holidays, I’ll start with that.

Between the two of us, there were a lot of gifts received, but the most important ones to me are the ones I can use for the home and create from. I think right now, my favorite thing is something that became a gift because my mom bought herself a gift. :-) I am now the owner of a 20+ year old 3.5 quart Rival Slow Cooker Crock Pot. I’ve already made chili in it and am very excited for next year’s jam season! :-) Mom and dad also got us an Oster Blender/Chopper with the black finish.

The hubby bought me two skeins of Nature Spun sport weight in Enchanted Forest, a skein of Ultra Alpaca in Dark Chocolate,……and a yarn ball winder! I can’t begin to tell you how much storage space this little thing takes up!

I also got a lot of Red Heart from my BIL and FSIL which will be used for a sleeve for my digital art pad and an iron cozy, not to mention for various other projects.

I spent a good chunk of time the other day rearranging the bedroom so that we have more baseboard out in the open. This, in turn, created more storage space in Jacks’ room, and got the TV that we weren’t using out of the bedroom. I was able to remove a stand, move the book cases around, and end up with a lovely little sitting area. Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to upload some pictures.

Another improvement that we have made has been in our wash room. We added two clotheslines (yes, inside) so that we now have enough hanging space to dry a full load at a time. So far, in the past week, I’ve only run the dryer once. I’m very excited, though, to get a line up as soon as the thaw hits. (Which from the feel in the air already, might come early.)

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