Introducing Louise and Edith

This past Friday, June 24, Joe and I went on a bit of a trek to the Leeman Family Farm and picked up a chicken tractor and the two newest working members of our family, Louise and Edith.

These two ladies are a variety of Red Comets and their lineage cross is that of a Rhode Island Red  and a New Hampshire Red.

From the “top down” you can see the two breeds mixed in. Louise, the only on the left, is more stout and wide like New Hampshire Reds are reported to be. Edith is a bit taller and more muscular, bringing to mind the look of the Rhode Island Reds.

Poking around online, and from what we’ve noticed already, they’re very docile, yet wonderfully talkative birds that love to sing at you any time you’re around. They are super curious, but are very well secured in their tractor, thankfully. The plus side to starting off with these two girls will be that they are prolific egg layers and at peak will lay between 4 to 6 eggs, each, a week. We actually had Edith lay one yesterday (within the first 24 hours of us having them in our care), but it was her first, very soft, and of no use — especially once Louise found it. Thankfully it takes more than the one time to create a severe egg eater.

Welcome home, Louise and Edith! We promise you’ll have a coop before hurricane season!

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