Introducing Skee

We now have our third and possibly last edition to the Raymond flock. Welcome to the family, Skadoosh!

I apologize for the poorly focused photos (the camera battery was dying), but you can still get a wonderful idea as to her colouring. Skee (as we’ve nick-named her) is a very skittish, two month old Araucana who had been pecked at by the larger one in a mixed flock of twelve birds.

Right now she’s in her own little tractor made out of a portion of my parents’ old cat run.

The plan right now is to not have her out with the others for a week or so, letting her get used to us and them through the safety of a fence. This will also give us time to make sure that she’s completely healthy and healed. We’re going to slowly move the tractors closer to one another so that they can get used to each other’s sounds and company. In about a week or a little more we’ll begin doing supervised free range time as a flock. Given that Edith, one of our comets, is also very docile, and Louise isn’t too big of a bully, they should be able to be a very happy family by the time we have the coop built.


On the egging front, all soft eggs have disappeared, as well with the egg eating incidences. We have had close to two dozen eggs from Edith and Louise and both are laying one a day!







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