New muffler on the truck

Our Ford Ranger’s muffler was ready to go to the great metal pile in the sky.  Actually it looked like it was getting ready to swim to the bottom of the ocean since it had evolved gills in the sides.

I decided to replace the muffler as well as convert the truck’s exhaust to a side exit.

For the muffler I chose a compact Jones Turbo Tube (model ATT12S-3) that was only $23 from  It was the best fit for the custom exhaust I was planning, not glass packed and made in the USA – perfect!

I installed a new exhaust gasket, bolt/spring kit and tailpipe piece along with parts of the existing tailpipe to make my new exhaust.  I welded it together with my 50amp 110v buzz box running 1/16″ 7014 rod, despite everyone telling me I couldn’t weld exhaust with a stick welder.  Maybe it’s easier for some with a MIG, but I don’t have one, so I use what I do have.

See the pictures below which chronicle the adventure.

Old Rusty Muffler

Here is the old muffler, removed and sitting in the bed of the truck, waiting to go to the metal bin at the dump. Notice the rusty “gills”.

Newly Welded Exhaust

Here is the newly welded exhaust, ready to be mounted to the truck.

New Exhaust on the Ranger

Here is the Ranger with it’s new side exit exhaust. The Jones Turbo Tube sounds great and was easy to work with. No complaints.

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