New Adventures in Canning

I’ve been canning for seven years now and have yet to take a stab at jelly. Today was the first go round. Supposedly us impossible to tell if the jelly has fully set until it his the 24 hour mark. I’m a bit nerved up by the what-ifs. Needless to say, I think I might pick up Dionne extra pectin in the AM, just in case.

Spring is here, baby!

Water, water… where. Again.

We’re without water, again.

In the middle of January – after being hit with the flu and loosing our sweet little Teeny bird – the water pressure in the house began to decrease severely. We had maybe 20psi at best. We dealt with it for a week, not thinking too much of it, but as it continued to go on we became concerned that there was a leak. Upon poking and prodding, the water department tore up two areas of the road and found that, yes, there was a leak. After three weeks of being on a boil water order, the water department finally hooked up a 540′ hose from the fire hydrant to our house. We finally had potable, normal pressure water again.

At that point my main concern was someone from the town’s road crew taking out the hose when playing from a storm, given that it’s laying among the side of the road they dump the snow. Hubster said such a thing was unlikely to happen.

But it did. Today. I went to snag a drink of water, but nothing from the tap. I had Hubster call thr water department (we try to keep point of contact continuity) and he was told they were working on it already. Come to find out our neighbor took out the hose with his Kobota while clearing snow around the hydrant.

Here’s hoping nothing else happens between now abd when they finally fix the hard line.

Let It Snow

The first blizzard of 2018 is getting ready to pounce. Even the governor is asking for people to stay home and of the roads. Little Mister has a snow day and Hubster will most likely be home at noon. Our little piece of heaven is slated to get 10-15″ and a fair dose of 25+ mph wind. We don’t lose power here often, but we’re prepared anyway. 

There is coffee, books, and knitting on my mind for today. The only venturing forth I’ll be doing is to refresh the chicken’s water. 

It’s been a long one…

Well, 2017 is gone. This blog didn’t see much writing or much traffic.

Besides familial issues (family losing jobs, others a house to foreclosure, and a suddenly sick elderly relative), I dealt with a lot of self-doubt and hesitation regarding continuing on with the blog. Homesteading became more of a chore than a love. Depression sank in as we dealt with the diagnosis for renal failure for our canine daughter, Diamond, and then her passing. Things continued to sour amidst money issues and three rounds of the stomach flu.


Here I am.

And I hope you’re still out there dear reader.

The reality of homesteading is that there is always the “seven year itch” to ditch it all. Who needs a garden? Chickens a messy and predators don’t understand that they’re your food, not their’s. Mother Nature likes to smirk as you’re knee deep in snow trying to keep your house from freezing, all the while you’re kids are asking you deep and probing life questions like, “When’s dinner?”


Here I am.

Let’s roll, baby.