Rainy Day Reflections

As I sit here writing this, our son is fast asleep taking his first one-hour-plus nap. It’s hard to believe that he’s coming up to an age where he’ll no longer be taking four or five short cat naps during the day. The lack of napping worked in our favor this weekend, however, as we did a lot of work outside while he played in his playpen in the shade.

All the gardens still aren’t planted yet, but I’m hoping that tomorrow, once the rain dissipates for a few days, that I can get outside and work on them while the boy is sleeping. With the heat and humidity coming in it will be a bit wilty for him to be out helping mommy. In the meantime, we’ve been using up items that we still have in the freezer. Rhubarb, potatoes, strawberries, fiddleheads, and string beans were stretched throughout the winter and we’re now finishing them up. That’s not including the 15 jars of pickles in the basement or the 9 jars of jam in the freezer that we’re still working on. The new rhubarb is up at the in-laws, it’s just a matter of getting some. Strawberry picking is right around the corner, and so are raspberries and blueberries. It will be interesting doing a lot of it with a little one being trucked along. We’ll have to time our trips just right to avoid some of the unsavory weather. Every bite will be worth it, though.

In other news, we have the stairs built and painted out front. The hubby will be finihing the back stairs probably tomorrow night. Pictures will then be sent off to the insurance agency. (Who tells people n Maine in January that you need to paint your house? You can’t do that in Janurary! We lucked out we could do it in May!) While the house looks great with the paint on it, it will be great getting back to things around here that actually need doing, like the cord wood being put up and the garndens planted.

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