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Short Beak might be losing his comb….

IMG_2010Over the course of one night, a battle with frost bite set in. We’ve been bag-balming it and making sure infection doesn’t set in. Next time either of us go out, we’re planning on picking up some antibacterial cream to help out. Thankfully, he’s not in pain and is acting himself. (This photo was taken mid crow. You can tell he loves the camera, hah.) The ladies are leaving him alone, which is nice, and he’s doing really well at keeping it clean. Maybe this will teach him to tuck his head in at night, goofball.

Oh, and just so no one thinks he’s crazy, here’s a better, more calm picture of the man.


Edging on a heat wave…

This weekend we’re supposed to see 40F. That’s going to feel downright hot compared to the weather lately.

It’s cold out. Don’t get me wrong. It’s cold. However, it is not the life threatening cold that others in the area seem be treating it as. Even with the windchill today it’s still warmer than some of the days that we’ve seen in the past couple weeks. It seems that, when it comes to winter, people have short memories. Maybe this is because they’re simply complaining based on what they know from walking to from the house to the car, from the car into work, and back again; they go home and turn the oil heat up, bring up Netflix, and then hop online on their phone to add the photo they took of their dashboard thermometer while they had their heat cranked so high that they ordered an ice coffee.

Give me a break.

I don’t complain about our lifestyle. I love it. If anything, it’s taught me how to be grateful about it being 20F outside, even with a severe windchill. Today was downright balmy when I went out to check the barn. It was nothing in comparison to a week or so ago when I had to add on two layers and couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I got back to the house. Less than ten minutes and I was having circulation issues. Today? Nope. The only issue I had was my mitten freezing to the lock from some water that spilled out I was bringing it out to the chickens. I was able to leave the interior door open and only fight with the screen door when bringing wood in. The living room only dropped one degree. I love it.

What’s been a little more difficult is the amount of ice and rain we’ve had between snowstorms. We awoke at 4am yesterday to a leaky roof in the bedroom. Thankfully we were able to have a local yocal that we know come and professionally clean it for the dirty cheap sum of $100. The roof that was leaking into our bedroom yesterday has stopped.  No severe damage has occurred. Huzzahs are in order.

Meanwhile, Short Beak, our rooster, has a bit of severe frost bite on his comb. We’re keeping an eye on it and bagbalming it every chance we get. Poor goofball that he is. He’s been loving the undivided attention, though.