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When brothers work together, they can be real assholes. 

I was playing on the floor with Little Miss when I heard the chickens making noise outside. Luckily her big brother is taking a nap, so I scoop the little lady up and put her in her downstairs crib.

I rushed outside thinking there was a fox attacking. Gucy, the eldest of our two roosters, was by the back brush line by the barn, making a racket. I went over there only to see a small female cat cowering in the bushes. I tried to chase the chickens off, but the rooster followed the cat, chasing her from one hiding spot to another.

Once Amp, our younger rooster, realized I was outside, he took off after the cat too, assuming that I would keep tabs on the hens. So I end up having to chase the two boys and threw them away from the front brush line so the poor feline could escape. Took three attempts before the two roosters would actually go back to the flock.

They work well together, which is great! Yet those two can really be assholes.

(Gucy is on the left, Amp on the right.)