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Merry Mabon!

mabon 2

Mabon, or Autumnal Equinox, marks the common calendar’s first day of fall. For many Pagan traditions it marks the middle of fall and the beginning of the rush to get in the last harvest.

We’re a mixed faith family – Hubster is a Congregationalist and I’m a Pagan Witch – so there’s always a balance to strike with the holidays. The great thing about the Pagan holidays is how strongly they align to the tides of the year. Holidays are used to mark the passage of the seasons based off from nature and agriculture. They give holidays where they are needed to boost the spirits and keep people going. Mabon is no exception.

This time of year is always crazy-go-nuts. There is jam to finish, pickles to polish up, gourds to find room for, apples to bring in, and gardens to wrap up before the frosts come. Its a time of long days and sometimes longer nights. Mabon comes right in the middle. The equal time of day and night remind us that balance is always a must. Without balance things can fall into chaos.

One of the greatest things about Mabon is the chance to feast. In this time of abundance, it’s guaranteed that you can get in a full meal, one made with love and that can give the chance for a moment to breath and reflect on the crazy season. Given how busy the week can get, we decided to have out Mabon meal last night. We enjoyed spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce. Apple crisp graced the table for our dessert. Only two ingredients weren’t local (minus seasonings in the crisp), and three others didn’t come from our own garden. The tomatoes, green peppers, basil, parsley, and zucchini were all from our own land. It was delicious.

The Yuletide Season

Given that Vaughn is walking and pulling everything over that he can get his hands on (he likes to test to see how things fall…I think he’s part cat), we decided to do something different than a tree this year.

While we get ready to celebrate the yuletide season, we celebrate those that are with us and those that have gone before. We reflect on our lives in only a way that winter can call upon us to do. We also look forward to the days ahead – sowing, planting, growth, and rejuvenation.

Here’s looking toward the future while remembering the past.

Musical Moments on the Homestead

One of the best things about having family visit are the hobbies and interests that can be shared by the group. When Isaac, Joe’s brother, visited the day after Thanksgiving, he brought up his guitar. In what’s becoming a tradition around here when Isaac stops by, we spent a few hours on Thanksgiving weekend as a family singing random songs – Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Boston, and a little country. Vaughn absolutely loved it and was rocking out to the music. While I didn’t get any footage of that, I did sneak a bit of Joe (one the left) and Isaac (on the right) singing “Amanda” by Boston. I stressed that I shot this without them knowing, so it’s raw. You can hear my son playing at my feet, and our lovebird singing with the boys.

It’s amazingly homey and I love it.


I promise that next time I’ll try to get a cleaner, less candid video. (I say this just to appease the boys.)

“Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.” ~Author Unknown

With only 11 days left until yule and 14 days left until Christmas, I’m starting to panic a little. I’ve been knitting, crocheting, and plotting up a storm since the beginning of November, but I’ve really kicked it into high gear. The actual hidden blessing in the current lack of sub calls is that I’ve been able to work on chores around the house and presents.

This year is an even more frugal holiday season than last. Granted, we give thanks to the wonderful tree that has graced out living room this year.

We’ve been calling him Shakespeare. I don’t really know why, but that seems to be the name that he’s been telling us to call him by. All the ornaments that are on him are handmade. There are very few right now, but that will change over the years, no doubt.

As you can tell, there’s only one present under him for now. (Lucky hubby, his is the first one under the tree!) That will change today.

All of these need to be wrapped at some point. With the incoming storm, it will probably be today. We’re all very excited as this is the first big storm so far this year. For posterity, here’s a couple beautiful before photos from around our house. I’ll post comparison ones after the storm, so probably some time tomorrow.