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Finding the New Normal….again.


Anyone who comes to this site on a regular basis will notice how irregular the posting been, not to mention the most recent lull in activity. We welcomed our second farm hand, Little Miss, into our family on August 18th. Since then, life has been a bit chaotic. Hubster was able to take four weeks off from work (he goes back this Monday) and we were graced with Gi-Gi, my mother-in-law, being able to help us out during the first week of Little Miss’ life.

Cloth diapers have added another load of daily laundry, breastfeeding limits my multitasking abilities, and the crunch of fall is tiptoeing around the corner meaning the wood needs splitting, food needs storing, and the chicken coop needs winter prepping. The loss of our entire tomato crop – 40 plants of different heirloom varieties – due to blight and an entire garden killed off by groundhogs and squash bugs has caused for additional stress. Thankfully we’ve remedied some of that through the use of the local CSA and the 9 birds we were able to raise for the freezer. (The total of birds had been 10 before the fox snagged one the day before slaughter.)

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, I’ve begun Little Mister’s preschool curriculum. Due to his birth date, he wasn’t accepted for preschool this year which has created the blessing of being able to start homeschooling a little earlier than planned. If things go well this year, we may continue on with it.


Settling in to a New Normal is stressful on everyone – kiddos, criddos, and the parents. We’re managing and are slowly finding new ways of doing things, but are relying on our old habits and structure to provide some stability. I’ll admit, though, it’s taking some practice to get back into typing single handed while breastfeeding.