Yet another pallet project: Stairs

When we bought out cute little blue house, there had originally been a porch on the front. Well, the porch had no flashing and was aiming on rotting the sill if we left it there. With the use of a chainsaw and the destruction of a couple chains, the porch went. This left us with a very small set of stairs and that a pool rail for a railing. Functional, yes. However, when you’re suddenly lugging a child in and out of the house, while fighting the border collie for purchase on the stairs, and not being able to stand on the top step to open the door due to the door taking up all the space all of a sudden functionality takes a different meaning.

Last month, in amongst painting the house, the stairs got an upgrade using free lumber from pallets.

Needless to say, the upgrade that been wonderful. While it might be a little difficult to see, due to the lack of continuity in the photos, the landing is about twice the size as before. There;s now room to set down groceries, the kid, or anything else, and open the door. Not to mention the railing is actually at a height that makes you feel secure when using it.












Yet another great project done by Joe!

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